Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Most Popular Game in iPAD

Most Popular Game in iPAD - The popularity of a number of devices that can be interconnected with one another-especially Apple's tablet. the iconic namely iPad-would not want to change the pattern of people consume media. With predicted sales would be higher at year-end holiday season, all parties are seen to be involved in these devices, ranging from tablets manufacturers, wireless operators, developers, advertising agencies, even the mass media.

Recently, Nielsen Company conducted a survey of 5000 consumers who already have a tablet, netbook, eReader, gaming and smartphone Plater weeks to probe anyone using these tools and how they use it. The result? 91 percent iPad download the application available in Apple Store. The rest, do not download the application.

Game is the most demanding applications by people who download the application. As many as 62 percent of them download the game application, then download the book 54 percent, 50 percent download songs, download the shopping and 45 percent news, 44 percent download celebrity news, 41 percent download the schedule of movies and buy cinema tickets; also download the magazine.

Interest in planning application is low. For example, a download only 39 percent of banking, financial updates only 39 percent, social networking 37 percent, productivity is 37 percent, 32 percent of sports information, and travel 24 percent. From the survey, show 4 percent of U.S. households have a tablet. In fact, most of the IPAD owners already pay to download content.

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