Monday, October 04, 2010

Europe was flooded with 3D Television Program

Europe was flooded with 3D Television Program  - Not only can be enjoyed at the cinema, is now present in the 3D format television package that has been offered by several television stations in Europe. Having previously launched Virgin Demand Channel that show films in 3D format, now turn to Sky who show off by launching a 3D program that can be enjoyed by its customers with the help of TV and glasses specially designed for the audience of the 3D format.


Sky also has menanyangkan premier league football matches in 3D format since April for a trial period. Thus was launched by the Telegraph, Friday (1 / 10). Although the actual ordinary people are not familiar with this program and would prefer not to make use of 3D TV-formatted, not discourage the managers of television stations in Europe to compete to present the best to the customers of course in 3D format.

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