Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blackpad, Specs & Price Blackpad | RIM Launches Blackpad

Blackpad, Specs & Price Blackpad | RIM Launches Blackpad  - Research In Motion is rumored to have started to define a name for the BlackBerry tablet product. One potential name is BlackPad. Meanwhile, according to MobileCrunch, RIM's new domain to register the two or three days before this. formerly owned by someone else and had changed hands as well.

Besides can be used for its products, other possibilities purchase is just an effort to prevent abuse. This is because the rumor for a tablet BlackBerry BlackPad name is long enough to circulate.

BlackPad name seems a combination of BlackBerry and Pad (which refers to the tablets). If true, this would follow a series of names ending in Pad products are ready to present to the market.

The news will be the presence of the tablet PC made by Research In Motion (RIM) that is named BlackPad increasingly hot rolling. Latest news mentioning that it will launch the BlackBerry manufacturer BlackPad debut in November.

Specifications BlackPad; Blackpad features similar to Apple iPad. Like the 9.7-inch sail, has Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

"Seeing the success of the iPad, RIM seems to want to jump into competition," said market analyst, Robert W. Baird William Power.

However, he continued, RIM is challenged to present a touch-screen technology, menyetarai ability iPad or better if it exceeded the sophistication of the Apple gadget. Another leakage problem is related to the presence BlackPad 1 GHz processor and dual front-rear video camera on a device expected to be priced at U.S. $ 500's. The price is not too high indeed, because the analysts believe if the price is more expensive than the iPad, BlackPad difficult to compete with other IPAD and tablet PCs.

Previously, RIM is also rumored to have purchased a domain name It was known from the WHOIS data for domains which has been registered on behalf of Research In Motion.

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