Saturday, October 30, 2010

AverTV Box Genie I - Premium Choice for Widescreen Monitor

AverTV Box Genie I Premium Choice for Widescreen Monitor -  AVerTV Box Genie l provides a premium choice for widescreen monitor (16:9/16:10) to users. It also presents complete solution of plug and play to directly turn any VGA monitor into TV, and to be a multimedia entertainment center without turning on PC. With built-in speaker, users can directly experience the stereo sound without connecting any audio in/output.

The Channel Preview function allows users to preview 16 channels at the same time and then choose the most enjoyable program. Functions of cutting-edge progressive scan technology and 3D-motion adaptive de-interlace can eliminate jagged edges of TV & DVD movie to improve the clarity and sharpness of the overall image. Moreover, 3:2 Pull-Down technique also makes every TV program perfectly and fully present on different sizes of monitor.

Comparison Table for AVerTV Box Series

Product Name AverTV Box Genie 1 AverTV BoxW7 Plus
Resolution 1680X1050 1920X1200
Widescreen O O
Built-in Speaker O X
Transparent PIP X O
Channel Preview 16 13

At A Glance
-16:9/16:10 Widescreen
-Picture-in-Picture Mode
-Built-in Speaker
-16-Channel Preview
-3D-motion Adaptive De-interlace
-3:2 Pull-Down technique
-Plug & Play
-Progressive Scan
-Auto Power-off
-Infrared Remote Control with Full Function
-Special for Professional Game Consoles and Video Camcorders

Input Signal
-PC Audio
-S-Video/Composite 2-in-1 Cable

Output Signal
-Audio(Earphone & Speaker)

Package Included
-AVerTV Box Genie I
-S-Video/Component 2-in-1 cable
-Remote Control
(Batteries Included)
-Power Adapter
-Stereo Sound Switch Cable
-Audio Cable
-VGA Connector
-User Manual

System Requirements
-LCD/Plasma monitors with VGA input
-Projector with VGA input
AVerMedia AVerTV Box Genie I functions only with the TV system of the country it is manufactured for and originally distributed in.
Video with 3D

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