Tuesday, September 20, 2011

U.S. knocks Boecillo

U.S. knocks Boecillo. The satellite Deimos achieved a contract with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Two years after the satellite Deimos 1 began its journey, come the first results for a project in which their control of operations is from the Boecillo Technology Park and in front of him, the astronaut Pedro Duque. And the results are outstanding and that the turnover reaches five million annually and has achieved a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture of the United States, to provide two monthly full coverage of their territory. A project, expressed as Duke, intended for agriculture and environment and that has meant that 7800 has been taken pictures of the world and created a data file that covers an area of more than 690 million square kilometers, equivalent to five times the entire surface of the Earth. Deimos 1 has done for the European Space Agency (ESA) a complete inventory of all the world's tropical forests and now works for the EU to provide full coverage of Africa. Some images are also used to know, for example, estimates of crops, fire detection or control of spills anywhere in the world. In this regard, the Minister of Economy and Employment, Tomás Villanueva, highlighted the work done in Boecillo and Elecnor company cited as the best example of how to invest in innovation and to dispose of their products abroad. "They bet by encouraging the development of R + D + i for a policy of human capital." And the orders began to accumulate, so that Duke announced that the workforce (currently about thirty people) will increase between 10 to 15 percent. Now, the next challenges are to reach new markets such as East, especially China, Russia or South America, who have launched their own satellites, but have failed for various technical failures

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