Saturday, September 17, 2011

The 'tablets' of Microsoft do not have Flash

The 'tablets' of Microsoft do not have Flash. The same decision made by Apple at the time regarding the use of Flash has taken the face of Microsoft Windows 8. The version of Internet Explorer 10 for 'tablets' plug-ins will not run. The main reason is to promote the protocol HTML5, reduce the amount of resources that requires Adobe Flash and improve safety.

Microsoft has communicated this decision through its official blog "Building Windows 8 ' . The team ensures that the plug-ins available today do not take the best of the web based on HTML5.

This has been tested by the Microsoft team in the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10, which will be incorporated in version 'tablets' to Windows 8. 10 will be free Internet Explorer plug-ins in its Metro. "The execution of plug-ins version IE10 Metro improve battery life as well as safety, reliability and privacy for consumers," the company says . It also highlights that although from the beginning of the web, plug-ins have been important, now support these "hinder the user's browsing experience on the interface Metro".

According to an analysis by the Microsoft team, many Internet sites are already adapting to HTML5. Of the 97,000 most visited websites in the world, 62 percent have embraced the detriment of Flash HTML5, they say. Microsoft is joining the group of companies that have neglected Flash support for their devices. Apple also chose not to include Flash in Safari for IOS and enabled browser with support from other companies, claiming that this technology is full of errors, and consume much more battery power than other devices and overheating the account. What is not Microsoft has clarified is whether to allow other companies to launch the Windows Marketplace for 8 store that offer support for Flash, though it seems unlikely looking to boost its efforts HTML5.

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