Tuesday, March 15, 2011

White iPhone will come in spring

White iPhone will come in spring - Apple vice president of marketing, Philip Schiller, confirmed through Twitter that next spring the company will market iPhone version with white housing. The Vice President said in his commentary that the new model of your phone is "beautiful."

For information on the White model iPhone 4 happened during the year 2010. After announcing it, Apple has repeatedly delayed the release of this device, which has come to create some users decide to change their traditional way his case. The wait is over and next spring the new model hits stores.

The confirmation has occurred in the Official Twitter Apple's vice president of marketing, Philip Schiller. He has written: "The white iPhone will arrive in spring (and beautiful)." The manager has confirmed with these words that the new model will be released in the coming months but did not clarify the exact date and should be available in all countries.
IPhone A 5?

After confirming the rumors have not stopped since Philip Schiller has not explained if the phone will be a white iPhone iPhone expected 4 5, Rumored to be presented shortly.

After the announcement of iPad 2 and confirmation that come in white from day one, the fans are expecting Apple to announce a new phone model this year. The official announcement could be produced in the coming months in a new 'keynote' which is also expected to present the 5.0 version of IOS. (source : www.abc.es)

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