Friday, October 29, 2010

4 Got Cracks iPhone to Access Phone

4 Got Cracks iPhone to Access Phone - A crack was detected on the iPhone 4. This gap is known allows anyone to gain access to phone functions without having to enter a passcode.  Cracks that had tried Ben Grubb and the team from the Sydney Morning Herald that involves only a few buttons on the screen and physical buttons to access the phone.

With this method, we can make the iPhone 4 phone calls and send emails from your contacts list. All this is done without entering a PIN number,  Grubb and his team conducted the same experiment iPhone 3G. As a result, the previous version of the iPhone is also known to have the same gap. In fact, the iPhone 3G at first sight seem not vulnerable at all.

Some websites mentioned, the latest software version for the iPhone is currently available for software developers as IOS 4.2 beta, reportedly will be facing this method.

When released in November, this software will patch the gap. That means users can not break the security of the iPhone 4 in this way. There has been no official statement from Apple regarding this.

Apple itself seems to have not shown an indication of whether to fix this problem before the official release IOS 4.2. Of course this is in the spotlight because consumers look at one example, other companies like Microsoft for example, usually hastily issued a software fix to patch the crack that was detected remedy rather than wait until the release of the latest software.

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