Monday, March 21, 2011

Google Chrome on Sony Vaio Riview

Google Chrome on Sony Vaio Riview - Google operating system, Chrome OS Could be commercially released on a netbook Sony VaioAccording to some rumors circulating around the Japanese. This would be an important support for the cloud-based platform, which until now was not associated with any manufacturer.

Google Chrome have obtained support from the manufacturer Sony, which the platform may run on a netbook in the prestigious series Vaio. This represents strong support for the Google software to be marketed like something stuck at the moment.

The data are based on SonyInsider, historically considered a reliable source of rumors. According to the site this summer, Sony will launch two notebooks that come with news. The first attempt to compete with the Apple MacBook Air come with free Thunderbolt, designed by Intel. The second would be a 11.6-inch netbook screen whose main attraction is its operating system: Google Chrome OS.

Since Google distributed among some illustrious laptop users Cr-48, The first based on Chrome OS, with the goal of receiving feedback and making improvements to its platform, the excitement generated has not been much as expected. After an initial spate of rumors that looked to Christmas as the release date relaxed environment.

Also contributing to the latter some disappointing features that emerged with the first tests. If confirmed officially in summer Chrome market OS is running on a Sony Vaio, Google will come to compete in another sector, that of operating systems for laptops.

Chrome OS on Sony Vaio

The Sony Vaio with Google Chrome will have a 11.6-inch screen and battery life is eight hours. The processor is an NVIDIA Tegra 2 and only 1GB of RAM, as SonyInsider. Despite these characteristics, the netbook will be fairly light because their operating system run on the cloud.

What is not known is whether Chrome will be the only OS operating system of this Sony Vaio, since according to the Chromium Project web platform may run on other platforms, including Windows, Mac or Linux.

The same sources also say that Sony will release a Vaio laptop with Wi Thunderbolt, formerly known as Peak Light, Which has been developed by Intel and doubles the data transmission speed of USB 3.0 standard. Apple has already stopped seeing his new MacBook Air with this connectivity.
The good friends between Google and Sony

Chrome OS would not be the only alliance between Google and Sony. The Android platform has also received strong support from the Japanese manufacturer, whose Sony-Ericsson have taken this system as standard.

Both PlayStation Phone PlayStation and the tablet are also examples of Android devices where both companies have invested heavily. Proof of this is also the video game store PlayStation Suite that Google has allowed to develop based on its platform.

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