Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes! Free BlackBerry service in 5 Countries

Yes! Free BlackBerry service in 5 Countries - Entering the year-end holidays, Telkomsel held a free program roaming BlackBerry for a month. Customers can enjoy this free service in five countries.

User exempt service utilization costs for pushmail, chat, browsing and social networking via the BlackBerry if vacationing in five countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Taiwan and Australia. Promo is valid from December 15, 2010 until January 16, 2011.

Free BlackBerry service in 5 Countries
Free programs BlackBerry Roaming service is a month full of appreciation for about 250,000 faithful kartuHALO using Telkomsel BlackBerry service.

"Free the BlackBerry service across the country is Telkomsel efforts in presenting solutions that support the activities of customer service when they are abroad," said VP Product Marketing Telkomsel Lindayanti Harjono.

To enjoy free BlackBerry services overseas, customers only need to bring BlackBerry smartphones, do not need to register or purchase a special package, because the BlackBerry service in this promo together with customer service that is enjoyed when in Indonesia.

For example, customers who already subscribe to the BlackBerry Unlimited package in Indonesia continue to enjoy the full service while you are overseas for free.

Before going abroad, make sure Telkomsel BlackBerry service and international roaming feature on the number kartuHALO been active. To purchase a BlackBerry package Telkomsel as needed, simply access * 363 #. To activate international roaming feature, you only need to visit the office nearest GraPARI service

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