Thursday, December 23, 2010

Phone Nexus S Launched into Orbit

Phone Nexus S Launched into Orbit - IN order to launch the phone Nexus S, Google employees to design seven air balloon in which each contain phone. The balloons were pursued can go to orbit Earth.

Nexus S is the output smartphone that uses Google's Android platform version 2.3.  As Wang Zi posted on a Google company blog, the project is intended to test some hardware sensors on the phone.

Phone Nexus S Launched into Orbit
In an interview with New Scientist, Google is planning talks with British satellite manufacturer, about the contribution of core technologies, in a phone Nexus S in order to help build a small satellite.
This phone is quite strong'',''Wang said in its publications.

In practice, the seven capsules have been flown. At least one of them reaches a height of more than 100,000 feet (more than 20 miles.)

From the results of detection, S Nexus phone stopped functioning at an altitude of 60,000 feet, about two times higher than the aircraft when airborne.  Google posted a few videos on YouTube related to this project.

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