Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cloud Computing Threaten Conventional IT Workers

Cloud Computing Threaten Conventional IT Workers - Cloud computing, or the familiar is called Cloud Computing is a sort of new solutions in the IT industry of the country. With these services, users are promised would get a lot of advantages, such as low operational costs or even better use of time.

But behind it, also predicted the presence of cloud computing could threaten the IT workforce in Indonesia, to those who still work conventionally. "Cloud Computing will threaten the conventional IT workforce," said Susan Djaja, President Director Metrodata, at the Shangri La Hotel, Thursday (21/10).

What he said to say Susan is not without reason. He claims the technology could shorten the time when the user wants to make changes. Thus, the presence of conventional IT workers at the site is not always required.

"Examples of cases if you want to replace the software from version 1 to 2, which is on a thousand clients, all over Indonesia. Now is not the IT staff must go to each branch, just with a click of Cloud Computing are all wrong," added Susan.

Although not yet widely used, Clod Computing services seems to be flourishing in Indonesia. Several major vendors were already set up some products, namely Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Cisco or Microsoft.  Indonesia ready to conventional IT workers to change it?

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