Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wii 2 with HD graphics officially launched in summer

Wii 2 with HD graphics officially launched in summer - After a few moments the dudarlos rumors were found, if there will be a Released of Wii 2 Nintendoo. This second generation of wireless console will be presented officially at E3 to be held this summer.

For all those lovers of the consoles NintendoNow you can be sure there will be a second-generation Wii console. We see the presentation of the next month of June at the E3. The novelty will This Wii 2 will be the ability to see our video games warm favorites in HD.

At the moment we do not have any official announcement by Nintendo, But have not refuted that E3 is the place where you know the Wii 2.

Among the rumors that led us to confirm this information are statements a director of THQ Nintendo which assert that they are on the eve of launching a new hardwareAnd the fact that several developers video games known as the console, what led us to the conclusion that there is no better place to present the E3.

Another strong reason to believe are reductions in the price of the first Wii that you can now buy for $ 150, This action could be considered as a tradition pre- Released a new console, as we saw with Nintendo DS and PSP.

Will the June 7, E3 start dateWhen can we expect to see the introduction of this console that promises to have better graphics than the PS3 and Xbox 360 and a completely new system of controls. But do not delude themselves if they plan on acquiring it soon because its marketing is expected until 2012.

Although it's hard to believe that more than 6 months wait for the market launch, I prefer to believe that this is the device Nintendo sales launch for years to become very good in terms of technological devices.

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