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Dell Tablet Computer Streak Specs & Price

Dell Tablet Computer Streak Specs & Price - Gadget touch screen with five-inch size is interesting because Dell Tablet Computer Streak Specs & Price  is the combination of tablet computers, netbook, GPS, AGPS, music player (music player), high-definition cameras and smart phones (smartphones).

Dell Tablet Computer Streak Specs & Price ''This is a product Almost all-in-one and also function as a netbook. However, different from the netbook, Streak is a system that is always on,''said Managing Director Andrew Diantoro Dell South Asia on the sidelines of the launch of the Streak, Friday (15/10), in Jakarta.

Andrew said, Streak has a number of advantages such as Gorilla glass that serves to protect the screen from scratches, so users no longer need to install a protective screen. Then, with two cameras so they can be used to make video calls (video calls). The first 5 Megapixel camera resolution and has built-in flash (flash), dual LED and the ability to autofocus. While the camera is only VGA sailing.

Just as some pocket cameras, the camera contained in Streak also can be set for facing toward the user's face. That way, users can easily take self. Not to forget, Streak also be used to chat with a webcam.

Another uniqueness x6x4 3.1-inch tablet dimension that lies in the batteries that can be uninstalled. About the performance, Streak has a higher speed than a netbook since Dell installed processor 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8250 speed.

The device is not equipped with a special slot for USB. However, according to Andrew, the user can plug in an HDMI cable into the slot next to Streak. To support Internet access, users can use GPRS, EDGE, 3G or wifi. If using HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps speed is reached. Transfers data can also be done easily via bluetooth.

Streak is intended for all people and it is reflected through the features and specifications are available in it. Employees, for example, can take advantage of applications, Quick Office document viewer and use it for conference calls. Kids can play a game of high-speed and full graphics such as racing cars. Actor small and medium enterprises can use the numeric keypad to make transactions internet banking.

Meanwhile, the social networker to update the status of Facebook and other social networking sites quickly. For the traveler, the presence of Google Maps that integrates with the navigation turn-by-turn to their advantage.

The combination of high performance and support for Internet access also makes Streak as the media to watch the opening YouTube. 2GB internal memory capacity provides plenty of space to store a variety of applications that are downloaded from Google's Android Market. If using a micro SD, memory capacity can be expanded up to 32GB. Micro SD-capacity 32GB can store up to 42 movies, 32 thousand photos or 16 thousand songs.

Streak still using the Android platform version 1.6, but can be updated with Froyo after that version was launched in late 2010.''If you wait Froyo launched, Streak will be late to enter the market. In fact, we now need is the speed of market entry,''said Andreas.

As a smartphone, Streak can be used to call with ease and not strange to see because the screen size is only 5 inches. That is, not too big if placed on the ear. As a tablet, the screen size of 5 inches was still comfortably when used to view text, images, photos and video. In the meantime, its dimensions are 3.1 inches x6x4 make Streak portability. In fact, says Andrew, can be included in the pocket of men's clothing or women's purse.

Streak is available in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Medan, Palembang and Pekanbaru (Indonesia) began in late October 2010 and marketed at a price Rp 6 million to black color and Rp6, 3 million to the red. Prices do not include the cost of subscription data packet.

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